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DevFactory is a scam ! I was invited to their ‘interview’, wasted days and hours on the procedure while feedback was very poor from the ‘company’.. they even failed to provide the direct link to the testing, so I had to dig to get the proper testing site. Test consits of 160 questions which takes a lot of time, and while some questions are very easy, others completely go out of the range for the 'position'. They didn’t even review my test, cause just seconds after I got notification that they have ‘plenty of candidates’ and essentially can play with them as they like…

Dom’t waste Your time on DevFactory, its scam. I doubt they even hire people but just exploit candidates on long term basis and so it looks they’re hiring all the time.

Beware of the following DevFactory Recruiting, don't fall to their scam advertising and do report them to authorities in Your country !

DevFactory Offices

DevFactory Dubai

705-706 Al Thuraya 1

Dubai Media City

PO BOX 502091

Dubai – 43659

United Arab Emirates

Phone : +971-44489298

Fax : +971-44489297

DevFactory US

6011 West Courtyard Drive

Austin, TX 78730

Phone: +1.512.377.9700

Fax: +1.512.428.6276

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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DevFactory is NOT a scam, but their recruiting practices on eLance and oDesk are not completely ethical either.

I was hired by DevFactory a couple of years ago and lasted just 4 months. Despite being hired, I was NOT paid for the trial assignment.

Yes, you heard me right. When I contacted HR, they sent me to a URL of the revised job posting that excludes language about being paid.

They only hire people who score near the top of their trial assignments and other exams; so if you're just performing average, you will not be hired.

When you get hired, you will enter a very demanding and challenging environment that requires a lot of self-motivation and discipline. In this regard, the experience there does improve your professionalism.

While there, I noticed that *A LOT* of people are hired and fired (i.e., replaced by other people).

Although I can't confirm it, it seems that their policy is to test you out in the job. And when your performance slips, you get let go.

It seems like a lot of work to go through to get an unstable, yet demanding job. I personally would never apply for another DevFactory job, and I don't recommend it for anyone.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India #770153

Check devFactory review on mouthshut (google it) and read comment section too in that review. You will get to know everything behind the scene!

Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan #766700

I am working there for couple of months now , And its a great experience , great payments and always on time .

I dont think its any scam or something


I've worked there too. They're super professional on the inside.

DevFactory / GTeam is not a scam. They've been very, very good to me.

I asked about why they don't pay everybody for the 1st week "trial period", and apparently they used to. Then some recruiting company in China figured out they could make $600/week by getting crappy people to apply. They'd collect the $600, do practically nothing and walk away.

So the management had to cut it off, and pay for the week only if you passed, which successfully removed all of the scammers from applying. I agree, it's not perfect.


Actually I was hired by Devfactory for 9 months, and it was the most professional period I'd ever spent at any company.

Their recruiting process is very hard because they seek the professional people all over the world and they apply the Talent Management concept as the book.

That's way many people are applying and also many people are fail in their tests. you must be a professional in order to get an opportunity at DevFactory.

The managers I dealt with inside this company were very professional and understand exactly what they need to do.

I learned a lot at that short period and I really regret that I quitted.


I want to write a lot about this DevFactory / gDev FZ LLC, Dubai (, but due to time constraint, I m trying to tell maximum in few lines....

Their intention is to save US government taxes, by routing their income from US to Dubai (a tax free zone!) And as IRS (Internal revenue services) wants a detail of every penny flows outside US by US firm, they have to legitimately show that they have hired people and paid them and that is how their Dubai firm had made a lot of profit!!! And this is why they hire people on oDesk and eLance. i.e. Just to show US authority (IRS), and Not to get any genuine work done!!!!

And while achieving this(enforced payment to show IRS), they have done a mutual benefit contract with oDesk or eLance that while achieving their goal of saving tax, they will promote this freelancing culture and their sites.

So for that, they will send invites to mostly all oDesk or eLance users, luring them with an extra ordinary payment offer (starting from 15$ per hour, 40hr/week), and lure them to apply for interview and test.

Then they will try to engage you maximum in the process using a highly un-predictable course of actions (in other words, you will never inform in advance about what will happen when (exact in time)), mostly when u give online test and a brief skype interview, you will never know from when your contract will start. **So they will try maximum to detach you from your ongoing work!!!!**

Once offered a contract, their immediate goal is to annoy/irritate/frustrate you to terminate your contract (there are thousands way to do this, you will get to know once you get a contract). If you wont get annoyed enough to terminate your contract by yourself, they will kick you out siting a performance reason!!!

**So, once they offered you a contract, their immediate goal will be to kick you out as soon as possible.** So that they can cover maximum number of freelancers in their budget! (of Course they don't have a money plant to pay you 10$ to 30$ per hour, 40hr/week!!!).They need to pay in proportion of book amount/profit they want to transfer from US to Dubai!

So please don't get trapped!!! Don't leave your full time job looking at their luring offer! **They don't want to pay you for a long time, in fact they will try to get rid of you as early as possible!**

And Finally, don't ever think that they have some serious/genuine work for you to get it done!!! It is worst time pass in IT ever!!!

Disclaimer: This is a personal views of a writer and do not constitutes any legal claims.

San Diego, California, United States #650501

things I need to learn:


responsive website

wordpress framework


Zen Desk



447 G st. Chula Vista,

I am very mad/pissed. I spend over 70hrs for nothing. First, I spent like 3 hours doing a test that had over 200 questions, some questions were out of wack, irrelevant, other software systems and technology that I do not care for. I am a php developer why are you asking me about .NET? Somehow I did pass but the worst was yet to come.

I was interviewed and given a contract that at the time, it said I was going to get paid around $600 for going to the trial phase of getting hired. I was presented with issues regarding systems and software architectures that I do not care for but I felt forced to learn in order to get hired. So I downoladed a bunch of tutorials and videos about ANT, JBoss, their Back bone programming guide, their object management guide but man o man, when I got to the DCM dev guide, that is a 1000 pages book with the worst directions ever made for a manual. I spent all this time learning all these *** to get one thing done which I didn't and they didn't give a *** about it.

Over 10 days passed, I sent them a question about my time spend and they just replied with thank you for your time good bye!

I checked the contract and it was different from the one I was presented with in the first place. They changed the contract and I want the money I was promised.


yes i have attend the test perfectly...but they failed me...its a big scam...i wasted lot of time on it..

to suresh #647279

The thing with this company is that they require almost perfection. I tried more than once and finally got through.

If you do not follow instructions carefully then your application gets disqualified. The first times that I tried I did not do that so the next time I did I ensured that I did all that was asked of me.

This is a good company. If not Elance and Odesk would have shut them down.

to Me Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya #664070

Hey would you please contact @ i have applied and failed I need advice from you. thanks in advance

to Me #888336

Elance will not allow you to leave a comment about thier trails. They promise money for trails and waste 3- 4 days of people providing substandard machines and support. You have to get the best people , but it should not be done cheating the job seekers.

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